Posted by: Maggie | October 6, 2010

Time is a healer

It’s lunch time now and I’m here in the office, waiting for my team mates to have lunch. While waiting for them I opened my twitter account ( don’t worry using twitter here is LEGAL) and checked for updates from friends and celebs ( Honestly, I’m just opening twitter to check the celeb updates hehe). Twitter changed its layout and I got confused…so while browsing it I saw the favorite section and found out that I added a twit from a friend months ago.

Lee shared this blog site before  and I just want to share it again, it’s called  XXX Days before I Met You. It’s a blog about a guy’s journey in finding his soul mate. I think this blog is already finished,maybe the author already found the ONE, but still I like the concept of his blog. You’ll really learn a lot from the  things that happened in his life, may it be simple, funny or complicated.

This are my favorite blogs that he posted, Bakit may Bitterness? and Knight in a shining armor. Try to check it out if you have time 😉

Like he said in his blog, “At para saan ang time? Sabi nga nila, “Time is a Healer”…winner!! 😀



  1. Wow thank you for this article anne. Glad na nakainspire ako.


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