Posted by: Maggie | October 3, 2010

Japanese Day Out

Yesterday, I went out with my friends and we did a lot of stuff with a Japanese twist. It was a great and enticing experience. So to continue with my story, here are the things that we did.

Johnard and I arrived at SM Mall of Asia ( MOA) around 12:30 p.m. for the COSPLAY MANIA X event. Since Terri (my new friend at work) wasn’t there yet, we decided to have lunch first while waiting for her. After roaming around back and forth, we finally decided to have a japanese lunch and we found this little restaurant at the corner named SAKURA.

The ambiance is nice and cozy.

Nice wall design.

These are what we ordered:

For our drinks we ordered Sakura shake. It’s a combination of pure melon and watermelon( I think melon and watermelon taste the same) the shake is not too sweet, so for me it’s good.  It costs 95 pesos.

For my main dish, I ordered EBI FRAI CURRY. It’s composed of breaded prawns with carrots and potatoes cooked in japanese curry sauce.

It’s quite big for a single serving, the breading stuff tastes good but the prawns inside it were too small that I can hardly taste it. Now I know the difference between Indian and Japanese curry sauce. Indian curry sauce is thick and creamy while the Japanese curry sauce is slightly thick ( I don’t know what word to use for it) but peppery. The caramelized onion also added a sweet flavor to the sauce. To sum it up, it’s good but I just have to suggest that they should use bigger prawns for this dish. This dish costs around 285-295 pesos.

Johnard ordered the KATSU CURRY. Same sauce ingredients with what I’ve ordered, the only difference was the main ingredient, it’s pork. Btw, johnard thanks for the treat, I owe you one. 😀

It’s already 2:00 p.m. after eating that sumptous meal, we headed towards the SMX Convention Centre for the Cosplay Mania X event. We were stunned to see that the line towards the ticket booth was so long, that it needs to loop around Function room 2.

This is long loop towards the ticket booth ( Inside Function room 2)

After waiting and standing in a long line for around 30 minutes, finally we got our tickets.

Below are some of the pics we took inside. A lot of cosplayers were roaming and each one of them must stop whenever someone approaches them to take their pic ( Being a snob is not welcome there hehe). There are a lot of familiar faces from the other cosplay events that I’ve attended, but there are also a lot of new costumes that I haven’t seen before. There’s a cosplay competition in this event not just the usual cosplay fashion show, I guess it’s the finals already so cosplayer finalists around the country were gathered here.Several hours later, Terri with his friend John finally arrived at the venue and also started taking pics. Btw, it’s Johnards’ first cosplay event so he’s more excited than me hehe.

Mr. Dalshim, I really like him hehe

Johnard and the sailor moon babes LOL

hugs anyone?

Trying chikara hats

With the Mask

Johnard bought this Almond coated chocolate POCKY, but I still prefer YANYAN over this hehe. It’s expensive it costs 100 pesos a box! -_-

I bought this one, coz it’s much cheaper hehe  but it tastes better than POCKY. It tastes like white hersheys chocolate 🙂

The Asian Chicken Fest band. Their performance was great 🙂

Around 4:30 p.m. I bid farewell to my friends and left the cosplay event. My next destination is to go to Glorietta to meet my other friends and to have some Japanese dinner food trip. I arrived there around 5:00 p.m. and met Lee, Ms. Ivy and Zaids.

We went to this place called LITTLE TOKYO, located along Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City. When I was still working at Makati, I used to pass by this place, I just can’t remember how and when hehe. The place is cozy and I really like the architecture and interior designs. It’s a compound composed of different Japanese restaurants, that range from the cheapest to the most expensive authentic japanese food. For this foodtrip, we set a limit of 500 pesos, let’s see where this budget could take us ^_^

I love the ambiance of this place. For me, it’s kinda romantic to eat here at night.

Zaide suggested to eat first at at SHINJUKU restaurant.

First we ordered the crispy noodles with sauce, I dunnow if this is what they called Yakisoba, but anyway it’s delicious.

The boys eating the noodles

Next we ordered, Fried Gyoza. Lee compared it to Dong Bei dumplings we ate at Binondo, the dumplings there have an after taste, I just like the normal taste this gyoza has.

Next stop, we ate Takoyaki and a dessert similar to a snowcone ( I just forgot the name) in a little resto inside Little Tokyo ( Shinjuku is located beside Little Tokyo) called KANA.

They actually served dessert first while waiting for the takoyaki to be cooked hehe. We ordered melon and greentea with monggo beans. Their bestseller is the greentea, and yes it’s more delicious than the melon. I’m actually craving for it while writing this blog hehe.

The green tea with monggo beans.

The melon

Ms. Ivy and Lee

I love their Takoyaki! Well, takoyaki is  like a grilled ball of veggies with octopus bits inside. There are takoyakis being sold in malls but it’s not authentic. Usually they have veggie fillings, this is my first time to eat takoyaki with octopus bits.

After we finished eating our takoyakis, we headed to the restaurant located in the middle of Little Tokyo called the OISHINBO. In here you’ll find a lot of SAKE ( Japanese wine) in different sizes and varieties.

Line up of different SAKE

We ordered KANI SALAD and the SPICY CHICKEN WINGS. I really don’t like salads because I  don’t like the sour taste of mayonaisse and the different dressings they put into it. I tasted a bit of the Kani salad, well it’s good, but still I didn’t like the taste of japanese mayonaisse. It also has cucumber and fish eggs ( the small orange circles you’ll see in the salad). I think it’s not recommended for people with high blood pressure coz I think the fish eggs are high in cholesterol.

After the salad, the SPICY CHICKEN WINGS came. It’s not that spicy so I was able to  eat it. Since I didn’t eat the salad, my friends gave me the permission to eat 2 chicken wings ^_^ It’s tasty, but compare to the SINCERITY CHICKEN we had in Binondo, I would still choose that chicken over this one.

After eating at OISHINBO,we decided to go home because we’re so full, but Zaide said, he wanted to try something different that he haven’t eaten yet in Little Tokyo ( Because it’s his 2nd time to eat here already) since we still have some money left from our 500 pesos budget, we decided to try the resto beside OISHINBO, we went inside NODASHO.

This chef is awesome!

This is our dish, fresh raw octopus meat ^_^

This place was different from the other restos we’ve entered. In here a real japanese chef is preparing our dish. It’s like being in a japanese movie where customers are served with raw stuff, slicing the fish and other sea creatures in front of you.

At first, we had a hard time deciding what to order, because most of their dishes are raw. Ms. Ivy suggested we order the SALMON SASHIMI while me and Zaide ordered the TAKO SASHIMI.

TAKO SASHIMI is sliced raw octopus. At first, I was hesitant to try it because the fact that it is raw and second you could see the octopus’ round stuff part included in the slice ( the round circles under it’s arms, I think they use it to roam around the ocean) but still I just dipped it in soysauce, closed my eyes and stuff it all in my mouth, and voila! It’s delicious! It’s more gummy than a squid ( just make sure you eat it well before you swallow it) but it tastes like squid.

Lee really really liked it! LOL

SALMON SASHIMI of course, from the word itself, sliced raw salmon. Again, it’s raw so like the Tako sashimi I just dunk it in soysauce and stuff it in my mouth and Ms. Ivy was right, now I know why it’s her favorite…it’s really really good! We had 2 orders of salmon sashimi, all of us loved it except for Lee hehe.

Btw, here’s the total amount I had for this trip:

SHINJUKU– 131 pesos each

KANA– 105 pesos each

OISHINBO– 107 each

NODASHO– 165 pesos each

Total: 508 pesos

Ms. Ivy and Zaide’s total amount were different from me and Lee because they had more share of the 2nd round of salmon sashimi. I think Lee will break down the food prices specifically in his blog, I’ll just link it here once he’s done  writing it.

I thought I’ll never eat raw food in my entire life, but after this food trip I’m craving for more. I promise I’ll be back in this place again and eat the other japanese food we haven’t tried yet ^__^



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  4. ang sarap ng food trip nyo! bakit pala biglang naging japanese ang theme?

    haha naalala ko yung men’s pocky! kala ko kung ano na

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