Posted by: Maggie | October 1, 2010

Be aware than never

It’s been a tough week for me. I attended a lot of meetings and went home very late around 10-11pm. I also had some tool and document issues, eventually I resolved it right away (good thing it’s not my fault hehe ). Yes, it’s a tough week, but it’s also a good thing for me coz I’ve learned a lot.  Okay enough for work related dramas…let’s move on to my week ender blog hehe.

But wait, Before I start my topic, I want to thank my friend March for the lunch treat today ( bawi ako next time and remember aja! :P) and for being an avid reader of my blog ( please put comments naman :P). Again enough for the commercials, my blog today is about the Cervical Cancer seminar I attended this Tuesday, September 28, 2010, conducted by an OB-Gyne from Glaxo Smithkline (GSK) that was held in our office. I’ve learned a lot about it and I want it to share to everybody.

First, let’s start with the question, WHAT IS CERVICAL CANCER?

I’m not a medical person, so I can’t really explain it well…but I found this definition below to help me explain it to you J

Cervical cancer is malignant neoplasm of the cervix uteri or cervical area. It may present with vaginal bleeding, but symptoms may be absent until the cancer is in its advanced stages.[1] Treatment consists of surgery (including local excision) in early stages and chemotherapy and radiotherapy in advanced stages of the disease.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is a necessary factor in the development of almost all cases of cervical cancer.[1][2] HPV vaccines effective against the two strains of HPV that cause the most cervical cancer has been licensed in the U.S, Canada, Australia and the EU. These two HPV strains together are currently responsible for approximately 70%[3][4] of all cervical cancers.”- from Wikipedia

And here’s a picture below to point where the cervix is located:



Based from the seminar I attended, you can acquire cervical cancer by the ff.:

  • Sexual Contact– If you’re sexually active, you are at risk.
  • Skin to skin– I am amazed when the doctor told us that even without sexual contact, you could acquire cervical cancer. How? By just rubbing skin genitals. Men are the carriers of the virus, so if your partner had multiple sexual partners before you…then you are at risk.


The doctor told us that early stage cervical cancer has no symptoms. You could have vaginal bleedings with an intensive foul smell in worst stages. How foul is it? Well the whole room could smell like it, that’s how intensive it is.


  • Lifetime monogamous sexual relationship– Yes, if you could restrain yourself to only have one sexual partner in your entire life then DO IT. Well I’m not saying that having different sexual partners before (applicable only to legal boyfriends/husbands) is bad (well I know pre-marital sex is also bad) but PAST IS PAST. There’s no need to regret it, well I guess you enjoyed every bit of it before, so why waste your time regretting it right? There’s always a room for a CHANGE. Don’t do the same mistakes again.
  • Pap smear exam every year– The doctor said you should start having Pap smear exam 3 years after your first sexual intercourse or if you could do it right away every year it’s better. Pap smear can detect early stages of cancer.
  • Vaccination- Yes, there are available vaccines out in the market today. I know it’s kind of expensive but it’s worth it. The vaccination is for 3 sessions; the 2nd vaccine will be 1 month after the 1st vaccine and the 3rd vaccine will be 6 months after the 2nd vaccine. I know there are 2 types of vaccine, the first one is with anti-genital warts virus, but it’ll be more expensive than the plain one. I don’t know what they call it but the plain vaccine contains 2 viruses while the other vaccine contains 4 viruses (the one with anti-genital warts). The effect of the vaccination could last for around 50 years, but still it’s not 100% accurate. Doing yearly Pap smear exams could really help prevent this.

So it’s better late than never gals,It could cause you some amount of money but remember PREVENTION is BETTER than CURE. 😀


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