Posted by: Maggie | September 25, 2010

Oh Nicky, You’re so fine…before.

Early this morning, around 9am (still on bed and sleeping, istorbo LOL *joke*), a friend called me and invited me to meet him and our other friends because I haven’t seen them for a while now. While talking to him, the line got choppy. At first, I thought it was my network connection; but after talking to him I immediately pressed the end key of my mobile phone then voila! The screen turned noisy blue, plain blue, white, and then it shut down. I tried to open it again, but it didn’t work. I even pulled out its battery then put it back and opened it again but it still failed to open.-_-

After several trials, I really got pissed off. I maybe overreacting for some ( I didn’t ask you to read this post anyway), but I really really love my phone even though it’s an old model. My Nicky- a Nokia N70i model, was the first expensive gadget I bought from my first job ( that time my phone was Nokia’s top of the line, but now it’s really cheap and I think already phased out hehe). For me, it’s an achievement, it’s overwhelming when you buy your own stuff from the fruit of your own sweat and blood (I’m OA again, in laymen’s term= work). Up to this stay I still cherish the moment I bought it and the smile it brought up to my face.

I don’t have any plans of buying a new phone this year. My original plan was to buy a new phone next year, and keep Nicky as a remembrance. Well, I’m still hoping that he could be fixed. I’ll try to bring him tomorrow at the cellphone repair shop to check if the only problem is the screen or I really need to buy a new one asap. The bad thing is, all my contacts were saved in the phone memory and not in my SIM card, so I need to message people through FB to get all their numbers again. ( Hallelujah for the invention of FB -_-).  I just hope all of them will reply on my message.

If Nicky could only talk, he could narrate all my experiences for the past 3 years…*sigh*. To end this blog…I AM SAD. That’s all.-_-

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