Posted by: Maggie | September 24, 2010

Missing Makati…

Today is my 2nd week at my new work. I’m starting to get along now with my team mates and also beginning to have new friends in other teams. Right now, I’m still studying the tools that I’m going to use for my project, I just hope that the documentation time line they’ll give me is “deadline friendly” so that I could finish all the said 9 documents on time ( good luck to me! Hehe). My new work location is very convenient for me ( Yes, I’m so thankful for that), because it’s really near my house. If I’m going to commute, I can go to work in 30 minutes, but if I have my own car ( wishful thinking) I can get there around 15-20 minutes.

Sometimes I’m still surpised whenever I get to work early, I’ll just say “ Ay, andito na pala ako.” I remember, there was a time I forgot that I’m not working in Makati anymore, I was with my sister and she said “ Ate ann bababa kana, akala mo sa Makati ka parin?”, I just laughed and said “ Waaahhh! Muntik nako lumagpas!”

This is my workstation. My PC is new but I miss my MAC in my previous company -_-

This is what I call my “mini shrine”. These are souvenirs and gifts from my friends.

My new work place setting is like a mini the fort, but with lots of trees and green bermuda grass around. Outside you’ll find lots of restaurants, there’s even a Timezone, Bench Fix,CD-Rking and SWITCH ( Apple dealer store). Every Friday or even not Friday, there are lots of people going there just to eat or unwind.Sometimes, me and my friend Florence ( who also works in my new work area) joke about the place and we say “ Hayyy…ang buhay nga naman sa farm.” It’s really like working inside UP grounds or in a rural area ( Well, Ayala bought/lease the land to UP anyway), it’s a good thing for me coz It’s relaxing, just look outside the window when you’re stressed and later you’ll feel ok.

I love the place, the ambiance, the food, the new folks, my new work…but sometimes I still feel lonely when I’m there…and then I just realize something…I miss MAKATI.

Yes, I miss MAKATI, so VERY MUCH. Yeah, believe me I can’t understand myself too. Before I always complain because my work is so far, that the food prices there is so expensive and my fare going there is too high…but then, I suddenly miss going and working there.

  • I  miss my old office – The Enterprise Centre. It’s one of the finest buildings in Makati.
  • I miss my Petra officemates ( Excluding Dave).
  • I miss the breakfast and meryenda sessions in the Regus pantry with Kathy, Ritchie and Justin.
  • I miss the different food varieties at Food Park.
  • I miss walking from the Enterprise Centre to MRT station using the walkway.
  • I miss Glorietta, Greenbelt, Landmark Makati and SM Makati.
  • I miss going to The Ramp at Glorietta, where you can find the latest fashion trends.
  • I miss reading in Greenbelt park ( I used to go there when I’m sad or whenever I just feel like to be alone).
  • I miss the bars in Greenbelt ( I’ve been in those bars because of my previous company- all expenses paid hehe).
  • I miss the walking distance fastfoods there like Jollibee and Mcdonalds -_-
  • I miss jogging in Salcedo park with Florence ( plus the cute hunky guy sight seeing moments we had hehe).
  • I miss the party-till-you-drop moments at ENCORE ( well it’s not in Makati, It’s in the Fort hehe, the neighbor party place)
  • I miss the roundtrip MRT ride and the MRT wild scenes hehe.

Last but not the least…I miss meeting my Tuesday Club friends.-_-

  • I  miss having lunch and good talks with them at the PBCOM tower.
  • I miss eating with them at Mom and Tina’s-Jen, remember the Mercedez De Brazo and our favorite Raspberry tea? 🙂
  • I miss the lunch beer sessions (Though I’m not drinking hehe) -right Mon, Angel and Cristy? LOL. Noli, I haven’t had a lunch beer session with you before, maybe in some other occasion, bring Jenny with you:D
  • I miss the unplanned dinner and movie night outs -most specially if it’s Zaide’s treat hehe.
  • I miss eating at Red Mango, Glorietta with them.
  • I miss the unplanned Mini Stop and Metro beer drinking sessions at Valero (Though I’m not drinking again hehe)- remember the Gilbeys Green Tea Lee? LOL ( BTW, Lee is working in Ortigas hehe)
  • I miss the good laughs.

Yes…I miss everything in Makati, I worked there for 4 years. I had a lot of good and bad memories and I’m proud to say  I don’t regret anything.

Till we meet again Makati…and Tuesday Club of course 😛

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  1. lol at first i thought you’ll not gonna mention us but woaah! hahaha special mention pala ang tuesday club hehehe uu nga mom and tina’s hehehe
    lets set a dinner with 3jam naman at ituloy na ang jap food trip! 😀 im in!

  2. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds

  3. Don’t worry awesome things will happen to you I’m sure 😀

  4. I enjoyed studying it. I call for to study a lot more on th is subject..Thanks for sharing a very good info..Any way I am going to subscribe to your feed and I hope you submit again soon.

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