Posted by: Maggie | September 20, 2010

He’s Beautiful

I didn’t realize that it’s been 2 months since my last blog, so many things happened (that I don’t want to talk about anymore), now that I’m back in my game, I’m also back to blogging.

Kdramas and Korean movies are not new to me. I’ve seen several Korean flicks before like Sassy girl, Windstruck, Lady Vengeance, The Classic, and etc. they are all good, but I’m not that hooked to it…not, until now.

One day, I saw He’s Beautiful (International title, You’re Beautiful in Korean TV) commercial in channel 2 (ABS-CBN). At first, I just ignored it coz I thought that it would be just another kdrama and nothing special. After several different commercials from time to time while watching TV, I got curious and told myself that I’ll try to watch it if I got the chance. Well I lied; I really waited for its first airing on channel 2 LOL, and voila! I liked the story and got hook to it, until I reached the point that I can’t wait for another TV airing and opened my PC and searched for some online streaming site for it.

He’s beautiful is a mixed story of Coffee Prince and Boys over Flowers (These are the other famous kdramas before, if you’ve watched these series, you’ll understand the story immediately). He’s Beautiful is a story about a young nun novice (Go Mi Nyu) who disguised as his twin brother (Go Mi Nam) in order to pursue his singing career as a new member of a boy group named A.N.Jell and to find their long lost mother. His twin brother (Go Mi Nam) was admitted in a hospital in the US because of a leg injury/eye surgery (not sure which one), he needs to stay there for 6 months until he recovers. Manager Ma( the manager of Go Mi Nam) searched for Mi Nam’s twin sister (Go Mi Nyu) and begged her to disguise as his twin brother because they are identical. He needed to do that because Manager Ma, didn’t told President Anh (President of A.N.Jell’s recording company) that Go Mi Nam is in the hospital and can’t go to Korea to promote and record their new album. The A.N.Jell original members are Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy; each of them will have different issues and encounters with the disguised Go Mi Nam until they discover that he’s really a SHE.

Well I really like the twist of the story though some people would say it’s common. Aside from the story, I love their OST, that’s why I downloaded them though I can’t really understand Korean ( planning to learn in the future). At some point in the series, I got annoyed when the other characters can’t even figure out if the person in front of them is a HE or a SHE, except for Shin Woo who discovered the whole thing very early, he’s smart plus he’s good looking ;). I know, it’s only a fiction, and like they say, “It’s what the director wanted.” but if you will ask me, if this kind of thing happened in real life, you could easily tell if he’s really a guy by just looking at his neck, if he has an Adams apple.

Anyways, I still loved the comedy-romantic-drama- touch of this series. I really love grumpy, good-looking, romantic guys with beautiful voice…maybe someday I could find one 😀

Below is the list of the  main characters in He’s Beautiful:

Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam/ Go Mi Nyu

Jan Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyeong

Jeong Yong-Hwa as Kang Shin-Woo

Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy

(left to right: Kang Shin Woo, Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu/ Hwang Tae Kyung and Jeremy)

I recommend this series to those peeps who wants some Korean drama-comedy-love story in their bloodstream. 😉

Picture source: Sorry I forgot where I downloaded it hehe 😛



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