Posted by: Maggie | July 1, 2010

Toy Story 3

When I was a kid I used to play alone because my sister hasn’t been born yet. I have kid neighbors before, but I seldom play with them, only if I just feel like playing outside. I have these toys in which I create scenes, well when you’re a kid you can’t stop your wild imagination, I remember having a scene where barbie fell in love with Trunks ( my dragon ball action figure) and Ken was so jealous that he wants to kill him haha. I did these until grade 6, but when I started highschool I stopped, because my mom said I’m already a teenager and it’s inappropriate, well she has a point. -_-

Those were the days and my memories of the past were revived after watching Toy Story 3. The cartoon flick is not just about toys, it has a lesson that everybody could relate in every aspect of their lives. Andy is going to college, and he only needs to bring the things he needed. Her mom wants all his toys to be donated in an orphanage or put them in the attic but Andy can’t decide what to do. The journey begins on how Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys accidentally got outside Andy’s house and how they struggle to be with Andy again.

The story was about letting go and moving forward. Sometimes there are things or people that we can’t let go, and as much as possible we wanted them to be a part of our lives forever, but it’s not always meant that way. Things become old and rusty and people do come and go, that is the sad truth about life.

I just want to share something really important that I learned from this film…

In every goodbye you had , don’t dwell on the reasons why you parted ways. Always think of the happy memories you shared with them, in that way you could keep them in your heart forever like they never went away…-_-

Credits: Picture from Snakerati


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