Posted by: Maggie | May 24, 2010

Here Comes the Bride ^_^

“Apir apir apir… Hindi na uso yan… Wisik wisik na lang… Masdan mo ang beauty ko… Tataas ang kilay mo… chos!”

This is one of my favorite lines that Angelica Panganiban said in the hit comedy flick Here Comes the Bride. I watched the flick last week because of the good feed backs I heard from Lee and I must say…he’s totally RIGHT!  It will make your cheekbones pop out and your stomach to whirl around 360 degrees because of laughing 😀

The movie was about 5 people with different misfortunes in life, then one day their lives changed because of an accident happened during a solar eclipse. The actors and actresses who portrayed these characters were Eugene Domingo, Angelica Panganiban, John Lapuz, Tuesday Vargas and Jaime Fabregas. The twist of the story was how they struggled to survive for 2 years because of the magical and unbelievable thing happened in that accident.

What I liked most about the movie was how each of the lead characters played their roles perfectly. They stand out effectively and delivered their lines very well. Each of them has their own “moment” , in Filipino you could say “walang nagsapawan ng roles sa kanila”. Mr. Jaime Fabregas, a well known veteran actor acted really well specially to those parts where he should portray a gay and a girl. Angelica and Eugene really know how to transform in another character’s shoes in just a snap and I never thought that John and Tuesday could act like that, I mean I knew them way way back as comedians but this time, they acted for a role they haven’t done before and I must say they’re awesome! Tom Mott, a former PBB housemate  turned actor was also in the film as Princess’ (Angelica) love interest, he made viewers go gaga over his matinee idol appeal and acting, more acting workshops and ABS-CBN could again build another heartthrob actor  😉

Now, are you curious what happened in the flick? Well I think you should watch it 😉 it’s worth the money and aside from the good laugh it’ll give you, you’ll also get a very valuable lesson in it.

At dahil diyan, achieved na achieved at bonggang bonggang boungainvilla ang movie na ito! 😉



  1. And why do I get the feeling that it’s not just the movie you enjoyed.

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