Posted by: Maggie | May 12, 2010

Pen and paper…

On Monday after voting, I watched Dear John. I was hesitant at first to buy that flick  because for a month now,  I prohibited myself to be mushy, but still I got curious about the cover, so there.

What enticed me more to continue watching the flick was the first scene, when John was surfing haha, I have a thing for hunky surfer guys, so okay lets skip that part and just continue with the story 😀

John Tyree is a US Army Seargeant for special forces. He’s a leader of a group being sent off to fight for war. He went back to Charleston to have a 2 weeks vacation with his dad. One day, when he’s resting by the shore after surfing, she saw Savannah, a pretty blonde girl standing by the pier railing with her friends. Savannah accidentally dropped her bag off to the sea, while waiting for his friend to get her bag, John didn’t think twice and jumped off from the railing to get the bag himself. Wow, a hunky seargeant and a surfer just got your bag, what are the ODDS right? 😀 and the story goes as they fell for each other  in just 2 weeks.

The flick’s set up was in 2001, well as we all know it’s already the age of computers, emails and people are rarely using snail mails. What I liked most about the film was the use of snail mail as their means of communication to continue their relationship. John can’t use a computer to send emails because they are restricted to that while on duty. He can use a satellite phone to make calls outside but with limited use only. So, to still have contact with Savannah they write snail letters.

When was the last time you wrote a letter? A real letter for your loved one. I’m not talking about emails here or fb messages, but a real letter. A letter written using a pen and a sheet of paper. Thinking back, I miss receiving letters from someone special. I miss writing long letters, telling your special someone what you did today and what are your plans for the coming days and sending cards on every special occassion both of you celebrate. It’s really nice to know that someone is there, though  miles apart, who’s willing to wait and read all your letters inspite of your bad hand writing. Telling your feelings, those people or things that made your day bad, made you cry, made you laugh.

I just wish some things won’t change. I know electronically sent messages are faster and more convenient to people nowadays, but I just hope that people’s romantic side won’t be totally affected by our high tech world. It’s still nice to do the old school way of expressing your love.

Isn’t it more romantic to write love letters? For me, it’s more sincere and you can really see the effort in it. I know that there’s still someone left out there who’s still doing or willing to do that…I just know.

True love never gets tired of waiting, no matter the distance and the time it must take. That’s what I like about Nicholas Spark’s novels, he always emphasize the right time for love.

So, I’ll see you soon then…^_^



  1. The only thing permanent in this world is change.
    Ibig sabihin, nagskip read ako, hahaha

  2. ang cheesy.. hihihi..
    gusto ko tuloy panoorin..
    “True love never gets tired of waiting, no matter the distance and the time it must take.”
    yep.. if love is true.. kahit ano mangyari at kahit may mga hindrance pa yan eh hindi ka papaapekto..

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