Posted by: Maggie | May 6, 2010

Viz a Vice ^_^

I’m a fan of Showwtime on channel 2. I make sure that I could watch them every Saturday or whenever I got to chance. Vice Ganda is my favorite judge in the show, His jokes really makes me laugh, though sometimes I find it a bit offending, but in the end you’ll realize he has a point. I came to understand his jokes when one day it happened to me. After that phone call, I remembered Vice ganda and just laughed.^_^

I’m going to share what happened to me  last week, and if you know Vice’s jokes you can related to this ^_^

I had my X-ray last Friday in a clinic near my office. The nurse told me that I can get may results in the afternoon when the doctor arrives, she advised me to call first before I go back just to make sure. So I did what she said. I called first, then this is what happened…


Nurse: Hell good afternoon, this is M****** C*** clinic, How can I help you?

Me: Uhm hello, I had my X-ray this morning, I just want to ask kung andiyan na yung doctor na titingin ng X-ray ko?so I can get my results na.

Nurse: Ah, Ma’am nagpa X-ray kayo?

Okay, after hearing that question I paused for a while. I don’t know If I’m going to get mad with what she asked when obviously she knows the answer! And I told her earlier that I took my X-ray test in the morning!!! Gusto ko sana sagutin ng “ Hindi! Nagpamassage ako! Massage parlor tong tinatawagan ko di bah??!! but I remained calmed…

Me: Ahh..Oo…

Nurse: Ah ma’am wala pa si doc eh, tawag nalang ulit kayo.

Me: huh? It’s already 5pm, ang sabi kasi sakin darating siya ng hapon.

Nurse: Oo nga ma’am hapon ang schedule niya…

Me: Ano yung exact schedule niya for today?

Nurse: Ngayong hapon nga ma’am…

I paused again. I can’t really handle my temper anymore!! So I replied with a higher pitched this time.

Me: Oo nga alam kong hapon! Pero anong exact time? 3-6pm ba? 4-6pm ba? I need the exact time so I know kung what time ako tatawag ulit.

Nurse: Ah…mga 7pm po, on the way na siya, tawag nalang po kayo ulit ng mga 7pm.

Me: 7pm?! Eh hindi na hapon yun eh…gabi na yun! Gabi na!!! Sige babalikan ko nalang sa Tuesday next week yung result ko, salamat. *Phone dropped*

I got my result already, and thank God It was cleared ^_^

Geesh…that phone call really got into my nerves!! Now I know Vice’s jokes are real and it really is happening to our everyday life. Hindi mo maiiwasan magalit talaga kasi nakakainis nga naman, but infairness, after that conversation it made me smiled ^_^

Anyways, Vice is having a concert this coming May 15, 2010. I’m not sure If I could watch it, but as a fan, I’m going to promote his concert here in my blog..hope you guys could watch it ^_^



  1. Di rin. Maikli rin lang talaga temper mo. Haha

    • hahaha adik 😛 nilagay mo naba ko sa blogroll mo? hahaha

  2. Hehehe,,, ayos ang experience na yan…lolz…at yan pala yung nakita kita kumuha ng result sa clinic, hehehe

  3. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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