Posted by: Maggie | May 3, 2010

Shutter Island

Last night, I watched Shutter Island with my family. Leonardo Di Caprio is the lead character named Andrew Laeddis.

Andrew Laeddis is a former U.S. marshall who was admitted to Aschecliffe or famously called as the Shutter Island. Shutter Island is a mental facility for criminals. Base on it’s name, it is located in an island, far from the mainland to prevent future patient escapes. The only way in and out of the island is through a ferry ride, strictly regulated by the island prison guards.

One day when Andrew came home from duty, he shot his wife Dolores after he found out his three children floating lifeless in the lake behind their house. Dolores drowned their children because she was mentally ill. Days before the incident, Dolores was telling Andrew that there was some sort of insect bugging her mind, and she can hear voices in her sleep but her husband just ignored her. Traumatized from the german war he’ve been through and from the unexpected death of his family, Andrew was taken by his military superior to Shutter Island to be cured.

He’s blaming himself for his family’s death because if only he listened to his wife’s whereabouts maybe they could sought help to cure her. He changed his name to Edward “Teddy” Daniels which is an anagram of his real name Andrew Laeddis. He created new characters in his “own” world, like Rachel Solandis, a missing criminal patient turned missing psychiatrist in his world but in real life, it’s an image of his own daughter Rachel who was killed by her wife. Whenever he’ll have migraine and begins to sleep, he’ll have these dreams that could lead him talking to his dead wife.The nurses and doctors in the facility even participated in his fake world because they thought it might help him to get well. Even his personal doctor, Dr. Sheehan portrayed as his partner named Chuck Aule in solving the “crime” in his make believe world.

What I liked most about the movie was the mind boggling twist it has for its viewers. I was blinded by the flow of the story only to find out that in the end it’s not real after all. I sometimes think of how people get crazy, and what is inside a crazy person’s mind, This film will enlighten you of how a crazy person thinks and acts on unexpected situations.

I think, people get crazy because they want the easiest way out from their problems, that is to create a perfect world or a separate world where they think they could correct the mistakes they did from their past. Like Andrew, he created this whole thing, this whole new story of investigating that could lead to the suspect of his wife’s death, but in reality he’s really the one who killed his wife.

Leonardo’s acting was very convincing, and it was a big break for him that he was chosen for the role. The setting, costumes and the other character’s potrayal was also great that I think helped made the whole film exciting.

Learn to let go and accept the bitterness of reality. No one will help you but yourself, blaming yourself over and over again for what you did in the past could KILL you.

FORGIVE yourself and start your life all over again. ^_^ I know it sounds hard, most specially if you’re like Andrew, but it’s the only way out of the Shutter…

My rating for the movie? 5 out of 5 gummy bears ^_^



  1. inantok ako nung pinanood ko sya. english kasi

    • hahaha

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