Posted by: Maggie | April 3, 2010

Hello Philippines and hello world! ^_^

Welcome to my new blog haven!^_^ follow me on my journey to find my true heart’s desire…Ajah! ^_^

I created an essay on how to mend a broken heart and now, I’m sharing it to you guys…hope you like it šŸ™‚


Still sober because of your recent breakup? lost a family member or perhaps a best friend? These are just some of the most common unexpected situations that could cause a person’s heart to tear into pieces. It’s really sad to lose someone that you really really love and acceptance is the hardest thing to do, that’s why it is the last stage in the coping cycle.

After that painful incident, everybody needs to move on with their lives and live normally as possible as they could but how are you going to do that? Well, I’m going to share some of the things I did in order to mend my broken heart.

Cry. The hardest part of losing someone is to realize that they can’t be there beside you anymore. The best thing to cope with this kind of situation is to cry your heart out. Cry and cry until you get tired of crying, crying is a healthy way to release your negative feelings.

Keep away memorabilia one by one. There are some people who are so emotional that when they see something that reminds them to that person, they begin to mourn again, and the recovery cycle goes back at one.

Try to keep those pictures and gifts in a safe place or box or give them away to charity. If you don’t want to give them away, just keep it and use it again someday if you’re already okay.

Talk to someone. It will be a big help if you talk to a close friend or relative about the bad effects of that incident to you. It’s not healthy to keep all those things in your heart because that could lead you to a deep depression.

Travel. Go out and explore new things, enjoy God’s gift of nature to mankind. If you see relaxing views it could give you positive energy to start anew. Research for the best places to visit then plan your itinerary, who knows? You could meet someone special or a new friend on your trip.

Last but not the least, always PRAY. If people are tired of hearing your same old stories again and again, God never gets tired, he always listen. No one could help you to recover fully but yourself, just have FAITH.

I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in life and I’m proud to say that I’m still standing with my head held up high. If I successfully overcome it, you can too!

Thanks for reading it! šŸ™‚


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