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Time is a healer

It’s lunch time now and I’m here in the office, waiting for my team mates to have lunch. While waiting for them I opened my twitter account ( don’t worry using twitter here is LEGAL) and checked for updates from friends and celebs ( Honestly, I’m just opening twitter to check the celeb updates hehe). Twitter changed its layout and I got confused…so while browsing it I saw the favorite section and found out that I added a twit from a friend months ago.

Lee shared this blog site before  and I just want to share it again, it’s called  XXX Days before I Met You. It’s a blog about a guy’s journey in finding his soul mate. I think this blog is already finished,maybe the author already found the ONE, but still I like the concept of his blog. You’ll really learn a lot from the  things that happened in his life, may it be simple, funny or complicated.

This are my favorite blogs that he posted, Bakit may Bitterness? and Knight in a shining armor. Try to check it out if you have time 😉

Like he said in his blog, “At para saan ang time? Sabi nga nila, “Time is a Healer”…winner!! 😀

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Japanese Day Out

Yesterday, I went out with my friends and we did a lot of stuff with a Japanese twist. It was a great and enticing experience. So to continue with my story, here are the things that we did.

Johnard and I arrived at SM Mall of Asia ( MOA) around 12:30 p.m. for the COSPLAY MANIA X event. Since Terri (my new friend at work) wasn’t there yet, we decided to have lunch first while waiting for her. After roaming around back and forth, we finally decided to have a japanese lunch and we found this little restaurant at the corner named SAKURA.

The ambiance is nice and cozy.

Nice wall design.

These are what we ordered:

For our drinks we ordered Sakura shake. It’s a combination of pure melon and watermelon( I think melon and watermelon taste the same) the shake is not too sweet, so for me it’s good.  It costs 95 pesos.

For my main dish, I ordered EBI FRAI CURRY. It’s composed of breaded prawns with carrots and potatoes cooked in japanese curry sauce.

It’s quite big for a single serving, the breading stuff tastes good but the prawns inside it were too small that I can hardly taste it. Now I know the difference between Indian and Japanese curry sauce. Indian curry sauce is thick and creamy while the Japanese curry sauce is slightly thick ( I don’t know what word to use for it) but peppery. The caramelized onion also added a sweet flavor to the sauce. To sum it up, it’s good but I just have to suggest that they should use bigger prawns for this dish. This dish costs around 285-295 pesos.

Johnard ordered the KATSU CURRY. Same sauce ingredients with what I’ve ordered, the only difference was the main ingredient, it’s pork. Btw, johnard thanks for the treat, I owe you one. 😀

It’s already 2:00 p.m. after eating that sumptous meal, we headed towards the SMX Convention Centre for the Cosplay Mania X event. We were stunned to see that the line towards the ticket booth was so long, that it needs to loop around Function room 2.

This is long loop towards the ticket booth ( Inside Function room 2)

After waiting and standing in a long line for around 30 minutes, finally we got our tickets.

Below are some of the pics we took inside. A lot of cosplayers were roaming and each one of them must stop whenever someone approaches them to take their pic ( Being a snob is not welcome there hehe). There are a lot of familiar faces from the other cosplay events that I’ve attended, but there are also a lot of new costumes that I haven’t seen before. There’s a cosplay competition in this event not just the usual cosplay fashion show, I guess it’s the finals already so cosplayer finalists around the country were gathered here.Several hours later, Terri with his friend John finally arrived at the venue and also started taking pics. Btw, it’s Johnards’ first cosplay event so he’s more excited than me hehe.

Mr. Dalshim, I really like him hehe

Johnard and the sailor moon babes LOL

hugs anyone?

Trying chikara hats

With the Mask

Johnard bought this Almond coated chocolate POCKY, but I still prefer YANYAN over this hehe. It’s expensive it costs 100 pesos a box! -_-

I bought this one, coz it’s much cheaper hehe  but it tastes better than POCKY. It tastes like white hersheys chocolate 🙂

The Asian Chicken Fest band. Their performance was great 🙂

Around 4:30 p.m. I bid farewell to my friends and left the cosplay event. My next destination is to go to Glorietta to meet my other friends and to have some Japanese dinner food trip. I arrived there around 5:00 p.m. and met Lee, Ms. Ivy and Zaids.

We went to this place called LITTLE TOKYO, located along Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City. When I was still working at Makati, I used to pass by this place, I just can’t remember how and when hehe. The place is cozy and I really like the architecture and interior designs. It’s a compound composed of different Japanese restaurants, that range from the cheapest to the most expensive authentic japanese food. For this foodtrip, we set a limit of 500 pesos, let’s see where this budget could take us ^_^

I love the ambiance of this place. For me, it’s kinda romantic to eat here at night.

Zaide suggested to eat first at at SHINJUKU restaurant.

First we ordered the crispy noodles with sauce, I dunnow if this is what they called Yakisoba, but anyway it’s delicious.

The boys eating the noodles

Next we ordered, Fried Gyoza. Lee compared it to Dong Bei dumplings we ate at Binondo, the dumplings there have an after taste, I just like the normal taste this gyoza has.

Next stop, we ate Takoyaki and a dessert similar to a snowcone ( I just forgot the name) in a little resto inside Little Tokyo ( Shinjuku is located beside Little Tokyo) called KANA.

They actually served dessert first while waiting for the takoyaki to be cooked hehe. We ordered melon and greentea with monggo beans. Their bestseller is the greentea, and yes it’s more delicious than the melon. I’m actually craving for it while writing this blog hehe.

The green tea with monggo beans.

The melon

Ms. Ivy and Lee

I love their Takoyaki! Well, takoyaki is  like a grilled ball of veggies with octopus bits inside. There are takoyakis being sold in malls but it’s not authentic. Usually they have veggie fillings, this is my first time to eat takoyaki with octopus bits.

After we finished eating our takoyakis, we headed to the restaurant located in the middle of Little Tokyo called the OISHINBO. In here you’ll find a lot of SAKE ( Japanese wine) in different sizes and varieties.

Line up of different SAKE

We ordered KANI SALAD and the SPICY CHICKEN WINGS. I really don’t like salads because I  don’t like the sour taste of mayonaisse and the different dressings they put into it. I tasted a bit of the Kani salad, well it’s good, but still I didn’t like the taste of japanese mayonaisse. It also has cucumber and fish eggs ( the small orange circles you’ll see in the salad). I think it’s not recommended for people with high blood pressure coz I think the fish eggs are high in cholesterol.

After the salad, the SPICY CHICKEN WINGS came. It’s not that spicy so I was able to  eat it. Since I didn’t eat the salad, my friends gave me the permission to eat 2 chicken wings ^_^ It’s tasty, but compare to the SINCERITY CHICKEN we had in Binondo, I would still choose that chicken over this one.

After eating at OISHINBO,we decided to go home because we’re so full, but Zaide said, he wanted to try something different that he haven’t eaten yet in Little Tokyo ( Because it’s his 2nd time to eat here already) since we still have some money left from our 500 pesos budget, we decided to try the resto beside OISHINBO, we went inside NODASHO.

This chef is awesome!

This is our dish, fresh raw octopus meat ^_^

This place was different from the other restos we’ve entered. In here a real japanese chef is preparing our dish. It’s like being in a japanese movie where customers are served with raw stuff, slicing the fish and other sea creatures in front of you.

At first, we had a hard time deciding what to order, because most of their dishes are raw. Ms. Ivy suggested we order the SALMON SASHIMI while me and Zaide ordered the TAKO SASHIMI.

TAKO SASHIMI is sliced raw octopus. At first, I was hesitant to try it because the fact that it is raw and second you could see the octopus’ round stuff part included in the slice ( the round circles under it’s arms, I think they use it to roam around the ocean) but still I just dipped it in soysauce, closed my eyes and stuff it all in my mouth, and voila! It’s delicious! It’s more gummy than a squid ( just make sure you eat it well before you swallow it) but it tastes like squid.

Lee really really liked it! LOL

SALMON SASHIMI of course, from the word itself, sliced raw salmon. Again, it’s raw so like the Tako sashimi I just dunk it in soysauce and stuff it in my mouth and Ms. Ivy was right, now I know why it’s her favorite…it’s really really good! We had 2 orders of salmon sashimi, all of us loved it except for Lee hehe.

Btw, here’s the total amount I had for this trip:

SHINJUKU– 131 pesos each

KANA– 105 pesos each

OISHINBO– 107 each

NODASHO– 165 pesos each

Total: 508 pesos

Ms. Ivy and Zaide’s total amount were different from me and Lee because they had more share of the 2nd round of salmon sashimi. I think Lee will break down the food prices specifically in his blog, I’ll just link it here once he’s done  writing it.

I thought I’ll never eat raw food in my entire life, but after this food trip I’m craving for more. I promise I’ll be back in this place again and eat the other japanese food we haven’t tried yet ^__^

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Be aware than never

It’s been a tough week for me. I attended a lot of meetings and went home very late around 10-11pm. I also had some tool and document issues, eventually I resolved it right away (good thing it’s not my fault hehe ). Yes, it’s a tough week, but it’s also a good thing for me coz I’ve learned a lot.  Okay enough for work related dramas…let’s move on to my week ender blog hehe.

But wait, Before I start my topic, I want to thank my friend March for the lunch treat today ( bawi ako next time and remember aja! :P) and for being an avid reader of my blog ( please put comments naman :P). Again enough for the commercials, my blog today is about the Cervical Cancer seminar I attended this Tuesday, September 28, 2010, conducted by an OB-Gyne from Glaxo Smithkline (GSK) that was held in our office. I’ve learned a lot about it and I want it to share to everybody.

First, let’s start with the question, WHAT IS CERVICAL CANCER?

I’m not a medical person, so I can’t really explain it well…but I found this definition below to help me explain it to you J

Cervical cancer is malignant neoplasm of the cervix uteri or cervical area. It may present with vaginal bleeding, but symptoms may be absent until the cancer is in its advanced stages.[1] Treatment consists of surgery (including local excision) in early stages and chemotherapy and radiotherapy in advanced stages of the disease.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is a necessary factor in the development of almost all cases of cervical cancer.[1][2] HPV vaccines effective against the two strains of HPV that cause the most cervical cancer has been licensed in the U.S, Canada, Australia and the EU. These two HPV strains together are currently responsible for approximately 70%[3][4] of all cervical cancers.”- from Wikipedia

And here’s a picture below to point where the cervix is located:



Based from the seminar I attended, you can acquire cervical cancer by the ff.:

  • Sexual Contact– If you’re sexually active, you are at risk.
  • Skin to skin– I am amazed when the doctor told us that even without sexual contact, you could acquire cervical cancer. How? By just rubbing skin genitals. Men are the carriers of the virus, so if your partner had multiple sexual partners before you…then you are at risk.


The doctor told us that early stage cervical cancer has no symptoms. You could have vaginal bleedings with an intensive foul smell in worst stages. How foul is it? Well the whole room could smell like it, that’s how intensive it is.


  • Lifetime monogamous sexual relationship– Yes, if you could restrain yourself to only have one sexual partner in your entire life then DO IT. Well I’m not saying that having different sexual partners before (applicable only to legal boyfriends/husbands) is bad (well I know pre-marital sex is also bad) but PAST IS PAST. There’s no need to regret it, well I guess you enjoyed every bit of it before, so why waste your time regretting it right? There’s always a room for a CHANGE. Don’t do the same mistakes again.
  • Pap smear exam every year– The doctor said you should start having Pap smear exam 3 years after your first sexual intercourse or if you could do it right away every year it’s better. Pap smear can detect early stages of cancer.
  • Vaccination- Yes, there are available vaccines out in the market today. I know it’s kind of expensive but it’s worth it. The vaccination is for 3 sessions; the 2nd vaccine will be 1 month after the 1st vaccine and the 3rd vaccine will be 6 months after the 2nd vaccine. I know there are 2 types of vaccine, the first one is with anti-genital warts virus, but it’ll be more expensive than the plain one. I don’t know what they call it but the plain vaccine contains 2 viruses while the other vaccine contains 4 viruses (the one with anti-genital warts). The effect of the vaccination could last for around 50 years, but still it’s not 100% accurate. Doing yearly Pap smear exams could really help prevent this.

So it’s better late than never gals,It could cause you some amount of money but remember PREVENTION is BETTER than CURE. 😀

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Bakit kung kelan wala na…tsaka mo hinahanap hanap?

Bakit kung kelan hindi kana niya naaalala…tsaka mo naman siya naaalala?

Bakit ngayon na iba na ang kasa-kasama niya…gusto mo naman siyang makasama?

Bakit kung kelan kaibigan nalang ang turing niya sayo ngayon…tsaka naman nagiba ang pagtingin mo sa kanya?

Meron akong isang katanungan na matagal ko ng tinatago, na hindi ko masagot sagot. Minsan hindi ko nalang iniintindi para lang maiwasan ko nalang magisip ng kung ano ano. Pero sa pagkakataon na ito, hindi ko na talaga mapigilan, wala naman akong masabihan kaya ito sinusulat ko nalang.

Sa totoo lang, pinipilit kong iwasan…pinipilit kong layuan…pinipilit kong kalimutan…pero bakit ganun? sa tuwing iniisip ko na yun ang dapat kong gawin, lalo naman akong nahihirapan.

Minsan nabigyan ako ng pagkakataong makilala ang pamilya niya. Ang saya saya ko ng araw na iyon..SOBRA. Ang init ng pagtanggap ng pamilya niya sa akin…sa amin. Sa totoo lang, naaalala ko sa pagkakataon na yun…nasabi ko sa sarili ko na, “Ang swerte swerte naman kung sino man ang mapapabilang sa pamilya na ito”. Para kasing wala silang problema, lahat sila close at ang saya saya nilang kasama. Sa magdamag na yun, kahit sandali lang, nakaramdam ako ng peace of mind. Nagkaroon ako ng panandaliang kasiyahan na hindi ko maipaliwanag at nasabi ko sa sarili ko na “ Sana someday, mapabilang ako sa pamilya na ito…Sana nga lang magkatotoo.” Sa totoo lang nagulat ako ng nasabi ko na yun sa sarili ko, kasi hindi ako yun, hindi ako ang maton na si Ann ng pagkakataon na iyon…hindi ako ang kaibigang si Ann na na nakilala nila…ng pagkakataon na iyon, ako si Ann na mahina.Alam ko, lahat ng nangyari sa araw na iyon ay isang panaginip lang. Panandaliang kasiyahan pero hanggang ngayon malinaw parin sa aking alaala.-_-

May isang kaibigan ang nakapagsabi sa akin dati na, “ Yang nangyayari sayo ngayon, yan yung pilit mong iniiwasan, pilit mong sinasabi sa sarili mo na wala lang…wala lang…pero ang totoo MERON.”

Oo, siguro nga meron nga…pero kahit ano naman ang sabihin ko, kahit ano naman ang gawin ko, at ano man tong nararamdaman ko,wala din namang mangyayari…sa palagay ko hanggang dito nalang ito.

Mas pipiliin ko nalang itago ang lahat, kesa mawala siya ng tuluyan…dahil ito ang TAMA.-_-

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Mga alaala ni Ondoy

Isang taon na ang nakakalipas ng puntahan tayo ng bagyong Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana sa ibang bansa) dito sa Pilipinas. Hindi ko naranasan ang bagyong ito masyado kasi nung mga pagkakataon na iyon, kasama ko ang mga dati kong kaopisina at kasalukuyang nagbabakasyon sa Guimaras. Limang araw kaming nagbakasyon sa Ilo-ilo at Guimaras (Sept 24-28, 2009). Yung mismong araw na tumama yung Ondoy sa Maynila, hindi pa namin alam yun kasi wala namang TV yung nirentahan naming hotel room at hindi din naman kami makakapanood ng TV kasi lagi naman kaming nasa labas. Nakita nalang namin yung nangyari sa Maynila noong kumakain na kami ng  lunch sa canteen ng hotel, buti meron silang TV (sosyal nga eh LCD pa pala). Nashock kami kasi sa Guimaras naman di malakas ang ulan, medyo mahangin nga lang pero hindi kasing tindi nung nangyari sa Maynila. Mga tumaob na sasakyan, mga taong namatay sa pagkakalunod at pagkakadaganan ng mga bagay bagay na inanod ng bagyo, mga nawalan ng tirahan…haysss…kapag naaalala ko ang mga nakita kong iyon sa TV, kinikilabutan padin ako hanggang ngayon.

After namin mapanood sa TV ang mga nakakagulintang na pangyayari sa Maynila ( wow ang lalim nun ha) nagsitawagan at text na kagad kami sa aming pamilya at mga kaibigan. Masaklap pa nun eh, mahina ang signal sa resort kasi medyo malayo na sa kabihasnan yung resort namin. Paminsan-minsan may signal, tapos minsan mawawala. Ang pamilya ko, okay naman sila kasi mataas ang lugar namin ( buti nalang ). Pero yung ilang mga kaibigan ko eh talagang naapektuhan, buti nalang walang nangyaring malala sa kanila. Pero ang bestfriend ko, hindi ko siya nakontak ng ilang araw kaya nagalala talaga ko ng todo, kaya ang ginawa ko nalang tinawagan ko ang kanyang nakababatang kapatid. Awa ng Diyos nakausap ko naman siya, at nakuwento niya na pinasok ng tubig ang 1st floor ng apartment na nirerentahan nila sa Makati as in lubog daw talaga. Hindi makontak ang cellphone nia kasi yung charger niya ay lumubog sa tubig, buti nalang naisave niya ang mismong phone niya kaso nga lang deadbat hehe.

Para sa akin hindi naman importante ang mga bagay na nawala o nasira kasi mapapalitan pa naman ang mga iyon ( Minsan nga lang kapag mahal yung isang bagay na nasira masakit padin sa damdamin hehe), ang importante sa pagkakataon na yun eh ang mailigtas ang BUHAY ng mga TAO.

Sobra talaga ang mga nangyari noong nakaraan taon, pero meron lang akong ilang katanungan…natuto na nga ba tayo sa pangyayaring ito? Handa naba ngayon ang gobyerno natin kung sakaling mangyari ulit ang ganitong sakuna? Meron naba silang intensive typhoon emergency plan? Hindi na kaya magtuturuan at magsisisihan ang mga opisyales ng gobyerno kapag pumalpak na naman ang mga rescue plans nila?

Hindi natin mapipigilan ang sakuna na dulot ng kalikasan, ang tanging magagawa lang natin eh maging handa para sa mga ganitong pagkakataon eh maiwasan ang pagbubuwis ng maraming buhay.-_-


Happy Birthday Florence! Binagyo man ni Ondoy ang birthday mo last year, ngayon naman binagyo din…ng pagmamahal yiheeeeee 😛

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Oh Nicky, You’re so fine…before.

Early this morning, around 9am (still on bed and sleeping, istorbo LOL *joke*), a friend called me and invited me to meet him and our other friends because I haven’t seen them for a while now. While talking to him, the line got choppy. At first, I thought it was my network connection; but after talking to him I immediately pressed the end key of my mobile phone then voila! The screen turned noisy blue, plain blue, white, and then it shut down. I tried to open it again, but it didn’t work. I even pulled out its battery then put it back and opened it again but it still failed to open.-_-

After several trials, I really got pissed off. I maybe overreacting for some ( I didn’t ask you to read this post anyway), but I really really love my phone even though it’s an old model. My Nicky- a Nokia N70i model, was the first expensive gadget I bought from my first job ( that time my phone was Nokia’s top of the line, but now it’s really cheap and I think already phased out hehe). For me, it’s an achievement, it’s overwhelming when you buy your own stuff from the fruit of your own sweat and blood (I’m OA again, in laymen’s term= work). Up to this stay I still cherish the moment I bought it and the smile it brought up to my face.

I don’t have any plans of buying a new phone this year. My original plan was to buy a new phone next year, and keep Nicky as a remembrance. Well, I’m still hoping that he could be fixed. I’ll try to bring him tomorrow at the cellphone repair shop to check if the only problem is the screen or I really need to buy a new one asap. The bad thing is, all my contacts were saved in the phone memory and not in my SIM card, so I need to message people through FB to get all their numbers again. ( Hallelujah for the invention of FB -_-).  I just hope all of them will reply on my message.

If Nicky could only talk, he could narrate all my experiences for the past 3 years…*sigh*. To end this blog…I AM SAD. That’s all.-_-

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Missing Makati…

Today is my 2nd week at my new work. I’m starting to get along now with my team mates and also beginning to have new friends in other teams. Right now, I’m still studying the tools that I’m going to use for my project, I just hope that the documentation time line they’ll give me is “deadline friendly” so that I could finish all the said 9 documents on time ( good luck to me! Hehe). My new work location is very convenient for me ( Yes, I’m so thankful for that), because it’s really near my house. If I’m going to commute, I can go to work in 30 minutes, but if I have my own car ( wishful thinking) I can get there around 15-20 minutes.

Sometimes I’m still surpised whenever I get to work early, I’ll just say “ Ay, andito na pala ako.” I remember, there was a time I forgot that I’m not working in Makati anymore, I was with my sister and she said “ Ate ann bababa kana, akala mo sa Makati ka parin?”, I just laughed and said “ Waaahhh! Muntik nako lumagpas!”

This is my workstation. My PC is new but I miss my MAC in my previous company -_-

This is what I call my “mini shrine”. These are souvenirs and gifts from my friends.

My new work place setting is like a mini the fort, but with lots of trees and green bermuda grass around. Outside you’ll find lots of restaurants, there’s even a Timezone, Bench Fix,CD-Rking and SWITCH ( Apple dealer store). Every Friday or even not Friday, there are lots of people going there just to eat or unwind.Sometimes, me and my friend Florence ( who also works in my new work area) joke about the place and we say “ Hayyy…ang buhay nga naman sa farm.” It’s really like working inside UP grounds or in a rural area ( Well, Ayala bought/lease the land to UP anyway), it’s a good thing for me coz It’s relaxing, just look outside the window when you’re stressed and later you’ll feel ok.

I love the place, the ambiance, the food, the new folks, my new work…but sometimes I still feel lonely when I’m there…and then I just realize something…I miss MAKATI.

Yes, I miss MAKATI, so VERY MUCH. Yeah, believe me I can’t understand myself too. Before I always complain because my work is so far, that the food prices there is so expensive and my fare going there is too high…but then, I suddenly miss going and working there.

  • I  miss my old office – The Enterprise Centre. It’s one of the finest buildings in Makati.
  • I miss my Petra officemates ( Excluding Dave).
  • I miss the breakfast and meryenda sessions in the Regus pantry with Kathy, Ritchie and Justin.
  • I miss the different food varieties at Food Park.
  • I miss walking from the Enterprise Centre to MRT station using the walkway.
  • I miss Glorietta, Greenbelt, Landmark Makati and SM Makati.
  • I miss going to The Ramp at Glorietta, where you can find the latest fashion trends.
  • I miss reading in Greenbelt park ( I used to go there when I’m sad or whenever I just feel like to be alone).
  • I miss the bars in Greenbelt ( I’ve been in those bars because of my previous company- all expenses paid hehe).
  • I miss the walking distance fastfoods there like Jollibee and Mcdonalds -_-
  • I miss jogging in Salcedo park with Florence ( plus the cute hunky guy sight seeing moments we had hehe).
  • I miss the party-till-you-drop moments at ENCORE ( well it’s not in Makati, It’s in the Fort hehe, the neighbor party place)
  • I miss the roundtrip MRT ride and the MRT wild scenes hehe.

Last but not the least…I miss meeting my Tuesday Club friends.-_-

  • I  miss having lunch and good talks with them at the PBCOM tower.
  • I miss eating with them at Mom and Tina’s-Jen, remember the Mercedez De Brazo and our favorite Raspberry tea? 🙂
  • I miss the lunch beer sessions (Though I’m not drinking hehe) -right Mon, Angel and Cristy? LOL. Noli, I haven’t had a lunch beer session with you before, maybe in some other occasion, bring Jenny with you:D
  • I miss the unplanned dinner and movie night outs -most specially if it’s Zaide’s treat hehe.
  • I miss eating at Red Mango, Glorietta with them.
  • I miss the unplanned Mini Stop and Metro beer drinking sessions at Valero (Though I’m not drinking again hehe)- remember the Gilbeys Green Tea Lee? LOL ( BTW, Lee is working in Ortigas hehe)
  • I miss the good laughs.

Yes…I miss everything in Makati, I worked there for 4 years. I had a lot of good and bad memories and I’m proud to say  I don’t regret anything.

Till we meet again Makati…and Tuesday Club of course 😛

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How to move on? This is the default question you’ll hear from friends or relatives after a bad breakup. Honestly, I’m not an expert on this and I don’t know why some people still ask advice from me; well I really appreciate the feeling that they trust me and I feel very honored for that, but somehow on my part, I’m kind of embarrass for myself when I can’t advice them anything good regarding this matter .

Yes, I’ve been through several breakups, but sometimes or rather most of the times I’m still having a hard time dealing with this kind of subject. Like others, I also seek help from my friends and family to comfort me when I’m sad. I know my friends (you know who you are) are getting annoyed when I always talk about the same scenario over and over again (I know it sucks, but try to understand guys LOL), but I’m still thankful that they’re still there willing to listen and share you a hug ( Naks!).

But in the end, after the tremendous tissue paper wasting (because of the post sneezing syndrome after a whole night of crying), giant eye bags, weight loss (because of loss of appetite DUH) and lots of screaming pimples on my cheeks (Thank God, they’re not on fire anymore!) finally I’ve realized that I’m just wasting my pretty face mourning over spilled milk LOL. Yes you heard me right folks, one day you’ll just wake up on your 20 hours of sleep and realize how insanely STUPID you are for wasting a lot of tears and food over a-fly-by-love affair.

Like I said earlier, I’m still not an expert when it comes to this kind of topic, but my experiences thought me a lot on how to get out of this situation and I want to share it to those people who are still in this kind of position. Some memories still hunt me (It’s inevitable right?), but it is manageable now unlike before. I’ve read a book and lots of articles over the net just to calm myself, some sites even enumerate steps for you to follow and some even tell you to jut down notes on your progress…but to sum these all up, I’ve formulated 4 simple things to remember to help you get out of the black hole slowly but surely. I know it’s hard, it’s really hard; It may take days, weeks, months or sometimes it’s a cycle that will lead you again to square 1, but for someone who’s willing to start, nothing is impossible.;)

Let’s call it S.P.A.K.

S- Stop the communication. Yes, this is the hardest part for me. I’m really hard-headed when it comes to this, because I still want to communicate with my ex (Times when the breakup is still fresh). Whenever I have problems (not love life related) I always try to fix things up in order to succeed, but when it comes to love life, it’s not always applicable. There’s what you call the “Post text and call syndrome” after a breakup because it’s a routine for you to text and call your ex when you’re still together, you can’t really stop this right away. Someone once told me that I’m very impulsive regarding this matter, I did what I can to control it and fortunately I succeeded. To be able for you to this, you need to leave you mobile phone behind. When I’m at home, I leave my phone inside the room so I won’t be tempted to text or call him. When I’m outside the house, I turn my phone to silent mode and just hid it inside my bag. Now that we’re in a social networking world, deactivating or not checking your FB account for a while could help you a lot; if you can’t do that, you could delete or block your ex’s account from your list (if that could help you to move on, why not?) then add him up later when you’re already OK (LOL).All it takes is a matter of self-discipline to overcome this.

P- Pain Immunity. Memories are the hardest enemy in this situation. When the breakup is fresh, memories will always hunt you. You’ll remember those times when you were together like eating ice cream under the Tuscan sun, watching movies late at night or even strolling at the mall while holding hands…*sigh* those were the good ol’ days…but now, these are like vampires that will suck your blood out from your head and you can’t always control it. The only way to overcome this is to be immune. Pain immunity for me is when you suddenly think of those happy memories and you’re smiling-not crying anymore, when you share those happy things you did to others and encourage them to do the same in order to help them build their relationship stronger. When you reached this point, you can sleep well at night.

A- Acceptance.  Reality bites, someday your ex bf/gf will have another girl/boy who would make them happy like what you did to them before. For people who still have hang-ups with their ex, it’s really hard; but for those who accepted the reality already, they’ll be happy for their ex’s new life. I had a 2 year relationship before with my best friend and sad to say it didn’t work. Even though he already has a new gf, we still communicate with each other because the fact remains that we’re still best friends. Whenever I have issues that I can’t share to anyone, that I can only share to him, I’ll call or text him about it and he’ll reply as soon as he can. Well others may think that this is a bad idea, because they say somehow it could ruin the new relationship of your ex, but for me with proper explanation things will go out well, but still it depends. Don’t try to be friends with your ex if you have a bad intention in mind (you know what I mean), remember KARMA hits twice in a full roundhouse kick. Just be happy for him/her, you’ll find your happiness too…just wait patiently.

Last but not the least, K- Keep yourself busy. To remove the spider webs in your mind, do things that will help your mind shift to the other direction. Put the word ‘hard’ in all the things that you do like work hard, study hard, play hard, travel hard, party hard etc. and remember “An idle mind is a devil’s play ground”.

On the right time, you and your ex will be friends again (well it still depends on how bad the breakup was and if you both want to be friends someday). When the time comes you see each other, you’ll just laugh the things that happened in the past and crack jokes about it.

You were happy before you met him/her, so you will be happy again. Just leave things the way it should be, you can’t get back what has been lost but you can always find someone new and better.

Just remember, always PRAY HARD and Live life to the fullest!! AJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s always a rainbow after the rain 😛

Posted by: Maggie | September 20, 2010

He’s Beautiful

I didn’t realize that it’s been 2 months since my last blog, so many things happened (that I don’t want to talk about anymore), now that I’m back in my game, I’m also back to blogging.

Kdramas and Korean movies are not new to me. I’ve seen several Korean flicks before like Sassy girl, Windstruck, Lady Vengeance, The Classic, and etc. they are all good, but I’m not that hooked to it…not, until now.

One day, I saw He’s Beautiful (International title, You’re Beautiful in Korean TV) commercial in channel 2 (ABS-CBN). At first, I just ignored it coz I thought that it would be just another kdrama and nothing special. After several different commercials from time to time while watching TV, I got curious and told myself that I’ll try to watch it if I got the chance. Well I lied; I really waited for its first airing on channel 2 LOL, and voila! I liked the story and got hook to it, until I reached the point that I can’t wait for another TV airing and opened my PC and searched for some online streaming site for it.

He’s beautiful is a mixed story of Coffee Prince and Boys over Flowers (These are the other famous kdramas before, if you’ve watched these series, you’ll understand the story immediately). He’s Beautiful is a story about a young nun novice (Go Mi Nyu) who disguised as his twin brother (Go Mi Nam) in order to pursue his singing career as a new member of a boy group named A.N.Jell and to find their long lost mother. His twin brother (Go Mi Nam) was admitted in a hospital in the US because of a leg injury/eye surgery (not sure which one), he needs to stay there for 6 months until he recovers. Manager Ma( the manager of Go Mi Nam) searched for Mi Nam’s twin sister (Go Mi Nyu) and begged her to disguise as his twin brother because they are identical. He needed to do that because Manager Ma, didn’t told President Anh (President of A.N.Jell’s recording company) that Go Mi Nam is in the hospital and can’t go to Korea to promote and record their new album. The A.N.Jell original members are Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy; each of them will have different issues and encounters with the disguised Go Mi Nam until they discover that he’s really a SHE.

Well I really like the twist of the story though some people would say it’s common. Aside from the story, I love their OST, that’s why I downloaded them though I can’t really understand Korean ( planning to learn in the future). At some point in the series, I got annoyed when the other characters can’t even figure out if the person in front of them is a HE or a SHE, except for Shin Woo who discovered the whole thing very early, he’s smart plus he’s good looking ;). I know, it’s only a fiction, and like they say, “It’s what the director wanted.” but if you will ask me, if this kind of thing happened in real life, you could easily tell if he’s really a guy by just looking at his neck, if he has an Adams apple.

Anyways, I still loved the comedy-romantic-drama- touch of this series. I really love grumpy, good-looking, romantic guys with beautiful voice…maybe someday I could find one 😀

Below is the list of the  main characters in He’s Beautiful:

Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam/ Go Mi Nyu

Jan Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyeong

Jeong Yong-Hwa as Kang Shin-Woo

Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy

(left to right: Kang Shin Woo, Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu/ Hwang Tae Kyung and Jeremy)

I recommend this series to those peeps who wants some Korean drama-comedy-love story in their bloodstream. 😉

Picture source: Sorry I forgot where I downloaded it hehe 😛

Posted by: Maggie | July 1, 2010

Toy Story 3

When I was a kid I used to play alone because my sister hasn’t been born yet. I have kid neighbors before, but I seldom play with them, only if I just feel like playing outside. I have these toys in which I create scenes, well when you’re a kid you can’t stop your wild imagination, I remember having a scene where barbie fell in love with Trunks ( my dragon ball action figure) and Ken was so jealous that he wants to kill him haha. I did these until grade 6, but when I started highschool I stopped, because my mom said I’m already a teenager and it’s inappropriate, well she has a point. -_-

Those were the days and my memories of the past were revived after watching Toy Story 3. The cartoon flick is not just about toys, it has a lesson that everybody could relate in every aspect of their lives. Andy is going to college, and he only needs to bring the things he needed. Her mom wants all his toys to be donated in an orphanage or put them in the attic but Andy can’t decide what to do. The journey begins on how Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys accidentally got outside Andy’s house and how they struggle to be with Andy again.

The story was about letting go and moving forward. Sometimes there are things or people that we can’t let go, and as much as possible we wanted them to be a part of our lives forever, but it’s not always meant that way. Things become old and rusty and people do come and go, that is the sad truth about life.

I just want to share something really important that I learned from this film…

In every goodbye you had , don’t dwell on the reasons why you parted ways. Always think of the happy memories you shared with them, in that way you could keep them in your heart forever like they never went away…-_-

Credits: Picture from Snakerati

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